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French Look

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Discover 5 Simple Steps To Get The Timeless Classic French/Parisian Make-Up

Join Swantastic! Founder As She Shares A Simple 5-Step Beauty Routine To Learn And Recreate Anytime One Of The Most Beautiful Make-Up Looks In The World


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The simple 5-step beauty routine to get the French Look


How to choose your skincare routine properly


How to apply your eyeshadows to get the natural "no makeup" look


How to apply eyeliner correctly depending on your eye shape


How to apply properly a red lipstick and how to find the best shade of red for you

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By The End Of This Free Training...

You'll hold a clear, 5-step beauty routine that will allow you to recreate The French Look anytime with confidence and clarity, knowing what colors and shades are perfect for your skin, hair and style.

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Meet your Make-Up Coach



Professional Make Up Artist, Hairstylist, Lash&Brow Expert; CEO / Founder of Swantastic!

Katarzyna Niemiec did Master's degree in technical physics and has been involved in the beauty/makeup business since 2017. The scientific/technical education had big influence on the way of her thinking, seeing the beauty and approach to the makeup services.

She graduated from TheLookCenter School of Makeup and is currently working there as a teacher.

She works also as a beauty and styling professional specializing in makeup as well as lash lifting technology. 

Some of her greatest professional successes to date have been winning 3rd place in the Swiss Beauty Expo Makeup Contest 2019 and being in the Top 10 of the Swiss Creative Makeup Contest 2020. She was also one of the key makeup artists for all the finalists of Amber Miss Poland competition in 2019.

She has been working as a makeup and lash lifting instructor because she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with people. It gives her great pleasure to be able to help people grow personally and professionally and achieve their dreams. 

Privately she is a mom of two boys and is living with her family in Winterthur, Switzerland. She likes to travel (mostly on her motorcycle), listen to good (and heavy) music and read science-fiction books.